Spring Clean up

March 27, 2012

The Detail and Spring inspection that I am selling will include raising the car on the hoist and inspecting the brakes, tires and suspension, exhaust and look for any leaks.

Lower the car and check the wipers , lights, battery, belts and hoses. Also checking the spare tire.

The Full Auto detail will include washing the car exterior and the engine and engine compartment.  Vacuum the interior, cleaning door panels, dash and center console, cleaning all windows inside and out , floor mats will be washed and all trash will be removed at customers request .

Paint:  scratches and buffing could also be done during the same visit. We use PPG Paints , 3M sanding and buffing products as well asPresta buffing and polishing products.

Dull or Foggy Headlights can also be cleaned up and polished to look like new for a small extra fee, normally a $60 value but would be discounted by half if the detail job is purchased.

We recycle everything Automotive

March 24, 2012

We Recycle everything automotive.

We have an oil filter crusher which gets out all the oil and crushes the filter to an inch high so it can be melted down and reused.

Our used oil is purchased back from the oil company where they use it or sell it for heating oil.

The Antifreeze is also sold back to the manufactuer and recycled. The paint thinners and old paint are also recycled and reused by the Oil companies.


All metal here is recycled. With scrap prices reaching record highs you better believe we recycle all metal, from a small bolt or washer to engines , doors and fenders are all Recycled at the local scrap yard. Copper and Aluminum are separated  and plastic is sent to a different Salvage  yard.

The Shop

July 8, 2009


Build in the early 80’s, it has a few bays, a paint booth, an office/waiting room and plenty of parking. The waiting room is comfortable and air conditioned.


July 8, 2009

Keith Noel is certified in many types of car repair, collision and refinishing certifications. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), one of Keith’s certifications is the leading Automotive certification in the country. Besides this, Keith is also a certified in various PPG routines such as spray refinisher.

Marc  is a graduate of a local college with Auto Repair as his major.Marc and Keith Go to refresher classes when they are available .

ASE Certification

Noel Automotive ASE Certified