July 11, 2009

1933 Dodge Coupe

July 8, 2009
Block sanding outside on a sunny day

Block sanding outside on a sunny day Click on gallery link to take you to the album where you can see the finished car. Thanks

This car came in after the original shop had some misforturne and couldn’t finish it. The owner who I had met a few years prior brought the car to me for completion.

The car body is an original ’33 Dodge body that originaly had a Rumble seat and the doors opened the conventional way and we changed all that . Suicide doors with a regular trunk lid with fiberglass fenders and steel running boards.

Power windows , no door handles so they are electricaly opened. Hemi engine with a 727 Mopar Transmission, MSD Ignition and Vintage Air Conditioning system. Lots of wiring and fabrication.Most of the body work is done but has a long way to go still. Click on the “gallery” to look at the entire ’33 Dodge Album