Putting a Honda out of its misery

October 24, 2009

I just took ownership of this 1996 Honda Accord, which was broken down due to an oil leak. After towing it in and adding oil, we started it and found out there were a few more issues. So, we decided to finish the car off.
For super cranking power, we installed a brand new Interstate MT-58 battery. For your (and our) pleasure, the Death of a Honda.

Big Block Mustang Test Fire

July 17, 2009

Test fire of a big Mustang engine block.



July 9, 2009

69 Boss 302 in for a new engine , original paint

Mopar Engines and Engine bays

July 8, 2009
Mopar Engines and Engine bays

Engines and Transmissions

July 8, 2009


Major and minor engine and transmission work. Repairs of all kinds, Flushing of fluids and changing filters. Featuring Jasper Engines & Transmission