Big Block Mustang Test Fire

July 17, 2009

Test fire of a big Mustang engine block.

Eleanor in for repairs

July 17, 2009

Eleanor (Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage) needed some body work done, and was brought in to Noel Automotive in West Branch Iowa. We treated her like a queen, and within little time, she was as good as new again.

random muscle in for small repairs

July 11, 2009
random muscle in for small repairs

 These are some rides that made it to the shop for minor repairs


July 8, 2009

Our passion is to work on classic Muscle cars, specializing in Dodge and Plymouth cars from the 60’s and 70’s. We also work on any truck or car that needs cleaned and freshened up from years of service. Here at Noel Automotive, we can handle (and have) any vehicle you find in a barn or pull from a ditch and want restored. Taking your rusty, broken down car from beginning to end. See our Gallery for pictures of our work.