$42.00 Oil Change with service and inspection

April 10, 2010

Valid Through: all the time                                            $42.00

Offer includes; Certified Technician inspecting your car and doing the work. No big box store fly by night “mechanic”

Up to 6 Quarts of Synthetic Blend engine oil

High Quality Oil Filter

Check and top-off all fluids

Inspection of belts and hoses

Inspection of various filters

Check lights and wiper-blades

Check tires, including spare and jack.

Check brakes.

Grease and lube chassis, steering, suspension and door hinges.

Diesel and Big Trucks do not qualify for the $42.00  Oil Change offer,

however, a discount will be provided with the coupon.

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Putting a Honda out of its misery

October 24, 2009

I just took ownership of this 1996 Honda Accord, which was broken down due to an oil leak. After towing it in and adding oil, we started it and found out there were a few more issues. So, we decided to finish the car off.
For super cranking power, we installed a brand new Interstate MT-58 battery. For your (and our) pleasure, the Death of a Honda.

Oil Change

July 8, 2009

Not just your engine. Your car is filled with many different fluids, and they all need to be changed at some point. We can inspect all fluid levels and advice when filters and/or fluids should be flushed.