$42.00 Oil Change with service and inspection

April 10, 2010

Valid Through: all the time                                            $42.00

Offer includes; Certified Technician inspecting your car and doing the work. No big box store fly by night “mechanic”

Up to 6 Quarts of Synthetic Blend engine oil

High Quality Oil Filter

Check and top-off all fluids

Inspection of belts and hoses

Inspection of various filters

Check lights and wiper-blades

Check tires, including spare and jack.

Check brakes.

Grease and lube chassis, steering, suspension and door hinges.

Diesel and Big Trucks do not qualify for the $42.00  Oil Change offer,

however, a discount will be provided with the coupon.

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Full Auto Detail

April 9, 2010

Valid Through: all the time 

Full Auto Detail SpecialThe Detail and Spring inspection that I am selling will include raising the car on the hoist and inspecting the brakes, tires and suspension, exhaust and look for any leaks.

Lower the car and check the wipers , lights, battery, belts and hoses. Also checking the spare tire.

The Full Auto detail will include washing the car exterior and the engine and engine compartment.  Vacuum the interior, cleaning door panels, dash and center console, cleaning all windows inside and out , floor mats will be washed and all trash will be removed at customers request .

Paint:  scratches and buffing could also be done during the same visit. We use PPG Paints , 3M sanding and buffing products as well as Presta buffing and polishing products.

Dull or Foggy Headlights can also be cleaned up and polished to look like new for a small extra fee, normally a $60 value but would be discounted by half if the detail job is purchased.

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July 8, 2009

Your car has up to 5 different kinds of belts. Some can run simple components and some perform a major role in keeping the engine running, such as timing belts. These belts needs to be inspected and replaced periodically.

Oil Change

July 8, 2009

Not just your engine. Your car is filled with many different fluids, and they all need to be changed at some point. We can inspect all fluid levels and advice when filters and/or fluids should be flushed.